What is the Golden Age?

The “golden age” is a term that certain communities have been preoccupied with for the past 2 decades or so, claiming that such a time is imminent. Those communities include:

  1. Mayan calendar enthusiasts, who cite 2012 as the “end of the world” — in which end of the world is interpreted as a revelation of a new age
  2. third temple believers in judeo-christianity (and those who view the return of the US embassy to jersualem as a key part of the fulfillment of this prophecy)
  3. the satya yuga in hinduism (the onset of which varies greatly depending on who you ask; could be unfolding over a 15 year period underway now, or could be hundreds of thousands of years away)
  4. carlota perez’s view that golden ages come after technological bubbles

i’m mostly interested in the eschatological views put forth in 1-3 above, though would suggest perez’s view meshes well with the new age religion of environmentalism, and thus may have a relevant spiritual quality (even if this quality is denied by its proponents).

so what does this golden age mean? what do its adherents believe is coming?

all the things you might intuitively expect:

  1. moral goodness
  2. widespread prosperity
  3. information, knowledge, truth

there is also generally a belief that the golden age comes out of a period of darkness, which could be characterized as moral depravity, poverty, lies, and miseducation.